Recycling Is the Key to Mother Earth’s Heart


this is a picture of recycling for the heart of mother earth


Recycling is the conversion of harmful waste products to reusable materials. It helps conserve energy which could be used to produce new products. Recycling also helps to avoid harming the environment by reusing the waste products. It has also created new employment opportunities in recycling industries. The idea of recycling is a good initiative of helping conserve natural resources for the future generations to enjoy too.

Recycling Steps


  • Waste collection and processing.
  • Manufacturing of the waste products.
  • Purchasing new products made from recycling.


Recycling is the key to mother earth’s heart.

There is a lot of natural resources conversation achieved through recycling. Resources such as trees, minerals, and water are conserved during recycling. Global warming is reduced during recycling since emission of carbon dioxide is reduced during recycling compared to throwing away the waste products.

Saving of trees is achieved when a paper is recycled and it saves the environment from pollution. Recycling helps to get rid of greenhouse gasses and harmful chemicals, waste products in landfills release a lot of toxic gases to mother earth which is of great harm. Greenhouse gases include water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone and chlorofluorocarbons also known as CFCs. They are very harmful to the earth’s atmosphere which may later harm mother earth.

Pollution is reduced through recycling.Throwing away of waste products causes emission of greenhouse gases which in turn weaken the ozone layer. Ozone layer prevents the earth from direct ultra-violent light which causes harm to people and causes skin cancer. Recycling also reduces marine life death and helps to conserve flora and fauna.

Recycling minimizes the need for mining and oil extraction. It uses less than half the energy that could be used to produce raw materials and manufacturing. Wildlife is conserved through recycling, therefore habitats and animal corridors are not tampered with. This is achieved by not cutting down trees and sweeping away vegetation cover.

Air pollution is reduced by recycling of waste products. When waste materials are exposed to the environment, they start decomposing and release toxic gases into the environment which cause bad smell all over the air and may lead to diseases. The gases also cause harm to the environment by reducing the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.

this picture of recycling for the mother earth heart

A cleaner environment is achieved through recycling. The environment looks much better without dirt everywhere. Recycling gets rid of waste products. Recycling has also created new green jobs for youths and the unemployed. Jobs like collection the waste products, manufacturing in the industries and also supplying the newly recycled products to the market.

In conclusion, recycling is very crucial to mother earth’s heart. It saves a lot in terms of pollution, natural resources and also manufacturing of new products. It is advisable for inhabitants of the earth to come together and conserve mother earth. The government and NGOs have come up with ways in which people can come together and help recycle. Trash bins are now labeled in order to separate recyclable products from organic products.

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