Let’s Keep the Earth’s Species Alive and Clean Up

A clean place is the best for all of us as it poses no health risks. Imagine you live in a place with heaped up garbage that stinks like no one’s business?  Sewerages that leak the content in a way that you feel you can’t walk but fly over the ‘streams’ they form.  

This is an image saying let us keep the rest of the earth species alive and clean up trash

If the level of irritation you feel disgusts you this much and you don’t live in or on the soils, what about the soils’ inhabitants? The animals, insects and the micro-organisms that live herein must be in a terrible state. Their lives must be miserable and they wish they would change themselves to another form that is less affected by that environment.

For instance, agriculturalists are always campaigning against the use of processed fertilizers in the farms. This is simply because it suffocates the organisms that help decompose living matter in the soil. Very few farmers have given an ear to such simple advice that saves the biodiversity.

Don’t Litter After School

How many posters and billboard do people need put up for them to avoid throwing papers carelessly? The teachers in the school have done a great job. They have taught students the discipline of a clean environment. In this case, no one litters the school compound. In case one spots a piece of paper on the ground, he or she picks it and puts it in the litter bin. What happens when people leave the school gates? The discipline also leaves their heads and littering happens everywhere. After all, the teacher isn’t watching.

Campaign Against Littering

The campaign against littering is still unsuccessful simply because the trash is still piling daily. It ranges from both decomposable and metallic material. Have you ever thought that such trash has covered several animals’ homes and they were forced to migrate? Others die of the dangerous chemicals and gas emitted by garbage. To make matters worse, others are displaced by the new inhabitants of the dump site. For instance, before garbage piled in such an area, there flourished evergreen trees with beautiful avian life. Birds of all beauty which sang with sweet melodies called it home. Immediately trash filled the area, the trees now are inhabited by the noisy city cleaners. The marabou stocks and raven crows flock the area such that the evergreen trees are now white with their droppings.

Self – Discipline Saves the Earth’s Species

keep the rest of the species alive and clean up trash

Let‘s start with those people who love chewing gums, please throw the wrapper in your pocket if the trash-bin is out of sight. After milking all the gum’s sweetness, throw it in a dustbin too. By so doing, you will have saved the little ants’ lives by not blocking their homes. It starts that simple.

When one is now able to obey such a basic personal behavior, the Earth’s species will be sure to thrive. The plastic bags that end up in the ocean and choke the marine life will be halted.

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