Let’s Keep the Earth’s Species Alive and Clean Up

A clean place is the best for all of us as it poses no health risks. Imagine you live in a place with heaped up garbage that stinks like no one’s business?  Sewerages that leak the content in a way that you feel you can’t walk but fly over the ‘streams’ they form.  

This is an image saying let us keep the rest of the earth species alive and clean up trash

If the level of irritation you feel disgusts you this much and you don’t live in or on the soils, what about the soils’ inhabitants? The animals, insects and the micro-organisms that live herein must be in a terrible state. Their lives must be miserable and they wish they would change themselves to another form that is less affected by that environment.

For instance, agriculturalists are always campaigning against the use of processed fertilizers in the farms. This is simply because it suffocates the organisms that help decompose living matter in the soil. Very few farmers have given an ear to such simple advice that saves the biodiversity.

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Trash Island: Pacific Ocean

When you think of an ocean, fantasy takes you the beautiful beaches that are surrounding the area. Sandy beaches with cool palm trees where one can rest and watch the ocean currents while on a vacation. Most people will conduct games such as beach football and runs around such places.

this is a picture of pacific ocean trash island

The Pacific Ocean, being the largest Ocean in the world has breath taking beaches. Cities such as California and San Diego enjoy these coastlines. Also, major cargo and passengers ships use the Pacific Ocean every time. Despite all the positive uses the ocean has, it’s badly polluted. Where does all this trash come from?

Major Users of Pacific Contribute Trash

Imagine you get into a relationship with a person who finally ends up harming you? This can be sickening! The Pacific Ocean has done great to the people around it. The passengers use it to connect to destinations in ships. The beach lovers flock the coastlines every other time so as to enjoy themselves. The question remains, is it that they cannot control themselves from throwing the trash in the beaches? 

The cargo ships contribute a lot of the trash either intentionally or accidentally. There are ships which have been known for dumping unwanted cargo in the Ocean so as to avoid the cost involved in the right way of dumping such trash. The ships that are involved in an accident are unable to save the goods which also end up in the Pacific Ocean as trash. In our everyday lives, we too contribute to this trash in the Pacific.

Many of our drains where I live on the west coast will lead to streams, rivers, which will eventually flow to the ocean. A local concrete contractor was working on my house and he started cleaning up all the concrete chunks from the gutter. I asked him why he was doing this and he told me he always felt that it was dirty to keep our sewers and streams as clean as possible, claiming the butterfly effect as his reason. 

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