China Buys the World’s Trash (For Precious Metal)

This is an image showing precious metals as china buys world trash

It’s amazing how people keep throwing away what they don’t need. Extra food that went stale is quickly disposed only to be collected by a person who keeps pigs to feed it to them. They said one man’s meat is another man’s poison right? In this case, World’s trash is the poison while it serves China a great deal.

Valuable to China Useless to the World

The industries in China have experienced a shortage of metal used in construction. It didn’t take long before they discovered that other countries such as America have huge heaps of trash. In this trash laid the fragments of metals and wires they required.  These metals include aluminum, steel, copper, and brass just to mention a few.

When one finds the solution to a problem that has made you sleepless, nothing can stop you from getting to it. Through the middlemen who seem to have a limited knowledge of what is at their disposal, ‘trash’, China got a way to buy the metal that needed a lot of processing again.

The middlemen have enjoyed the wages that China is providing and are willing to give China all the trash they need.  Countries like Mexico are now enjoying a cleaner environment since the trash is being cleared so fast.

China Trash Business Provides Employment

This is an image of china buys world trash for precious metal

The scrap-metals dealers for instance in Mexico has found a new niche of better employment. They have moved to China Industries where they are enjoying the higher wages. They only send money home that is used to pay the school fees of their children and buy food.

Women are therefore responsible for the children back home as the fathers work overseas. The children miss their fathers but they must keep calm if they want to have their basic needs met. The lifestyle of the scrap-metals dealers’ families is changing positively. The children and women are in a position to wear good clothes and shoes. In school, the teacher is impressed by the students’ current performance as they can now afford books and stationaries. Is this not great?

Buildings, Airports, and Cars Quenched by the Metal Supply

China has now reaped the benefit of consuming other countries’ trash. The malls and roads that were not noticeable before have come up. They are strong and beautifully built using the easily available metals. Metals such as steel and aluminum are widely used in construction. Brass is used in places like the bathroom sinks while copper will be used in wiring the buildings. Cars and other automobiles have also enjoyed the availability of the metals too.

Lesson to the World

China has led by example that recycling of trash can really benefit the whole world. Waste metal does not disintegrate when in the environment. This poses risks to the environment biodiversity and to our future generations.  Initiative to embrace recycling measures should be every one objective so that this world can be a haven for all of us.

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