China Buys the World’s Trash (For Precious Metal)

This is an image showing precious metals as china buys world trash

It’s amazing how people keep throwing away what they don’t need. Extra food that went stale is quickly disposed only to be collected by a person who keeps pigs to feed it to them. They said one man’s meat is another man’s poison right? In this case, World’s trash is the poison while it serves China a great deal.

Valuable to China Useless to the World

The industries in China have experienced a shortage of metal used in construction. It didn’t take long before they discovered that other countries such as America have huge heaps of trash. In this trash laid the fragments of metals and wires they required.  These metals include aluminum, steel, copper, and brass just to mention a few.

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Be A Good Person And Get Your Trash Into Can

this picture reminds hot to be a good person and make sure your trash gets in the can

Being a good person pertain performing the mannerly and right behavior that affect you positively and make others appreciate you. A trash defines how one behaves. According to psychologist being a good person and avoiding trash will be driven by your mind perception. People can identify you on a way you talk and act. You, therefore, need to be cautious of a way you talk and behave as these will categorize you more. There are specific traits that identify you as trash. Having much of trash characteristic you are absolute, unquestionable mere white trash. There are key traits that will identify you as a good person.

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